[Homemade recipe of cold peanut rice, celery and carrot]_ Celery Carrot _ How to make

[Homemade recipe of cold peanut rice, celery and carrot]_ Celery Carrot _ How to make

At this time, the temperature will be very high in the summer, and the appetite of people affected by the temperature will not be very good. I feel that eating nothing is appetizing. At this time, making a cold side dish is not only cool and delicious but also promotes appetite.

The practice of cold peanut rice celery carrot is simple, nutritious and delicious, and also has the effect of cooling and drying. Now let’s talk about the common practice of cold peanut rice celery carrot.

Materials: peanuts, celery, carrots

Wash the peanuts.

Put an appropriate amount of water in the pot, add seasoning 1 and peanut rice and cook!

Add more salt to the peanuts!

Turn to high heat and turn to low heat (the texture of the peanuts is determined by yourself. If you like hard food, cook for a short time)!

While cooking the peanuts, wash the carrots and celery and dice or slice them for later use.


After the peanuts are cooked, drain the water and pick out the spices.

You can also pick the seasoning after cooking for half an hour!

Because it’s all tasted!

Take another pot.

Add water and salt to the pan and simmer the carrots and celery. Don’t overdo it. If you don’t master it, you can try it yourself!


Once you’re done, remove it and go through the cold water right away!

Squeeze the carrots and celery a little bit of water and put three in the pot!

Add seasoning and stir well, sprinkle with cooked sesame seeds!

If you like spicy, you can put some chili oil, if you like sesame oil, you can put some sesame oil.

Production skills: 1.

When mixing, add salt to taste at the end, because soy sauce and fuel consumption are salty, don’t be too salty!


Don’t like MSG, let go of chicken essence!

If your child does n’t eat well, do n’t let it go and adjust it yourself.