Five tips for perfect hair care at night

Five tips for perfect hair care at night

Repair split ends: Additives in conditioner can repair split ends of hair.

However, if you use an excess hair dryer to dry your hair immediately after using the conditioner, it will cause the conditioner to stay for a short time and the hair cannot effectively absorb the syringe in the conditioner.

Therefore, after using the conditioner, it is best not to heat the hair immediately.

In addition, if you are repairing at night, you can use some hair conditioner containing protein to enhance hair quality.

  Strengthen hair roots: In the evening, you can wash your hair with shampoo first, then use wet cloth loops or silk scarves to drape the wet hair up into a pony tail.

This strengthens the roots of your hair while reducing the “burden” on your hair.

  Reduce Perm: Wash some thick and long hair every day and dry your hair.

However, when you burn a “curly hair”, you have to wash your hair every day, and you will find that only shampoo can smooth them out.

In order to keep your curls fluffy, you can apply some leave-in conditioner or lubricating oil to the ends of the hair and knotted hair in the afternoon, so that your hairstyle can be maintained the next day.

  Eliminate dandruff: A shampoo containing salicylic acid can effectively eliminate dandruff, it promotes the timely replacement of dead cells, and has an antipruritic effect.