How to debug job burnout


How to debug job burnout

Xinxin moved to a new unit. She is very fortunate that she can find a suitable job, a professional counterpart, and a fairly stable income.

This is what many people dream of.

At the beginning of the work, Xin Xin was able to work with confidence, but one year later, Xin Xin found that the work will always be so orderly, all actions are no different from the planned, no freshness, and he is no longer like justWhen I came here I was complacent for the completion of a project.

This job can’t bring her happiness and satisfaction, especially when she sees the battles in the office, she is even more tired.

Her mood began to decline, her behavior became weird, she often complained, got angry . what happened to herself?

Showtime cannot explain these.

Many friends around Xinxin have a similar phenomenon.

  In fact, Showtime is feeling a job burnout.

The so-called job burnout refers to the movement of people’s emotional feelings in life and work in the context of tension and busy daily life and work, and presents a state of tension or improper debugging.
  Those who suffer from job burnout are like suffocating fish, like fish without water.

According to surveys, modern people are getting shorter and shorter in terms of job burnout, and some even become tired of work even after working for 8 months, and more than 40% of white-collar workers who have worked for more than one year want to change jobs.

A survey in Shanghai showed that 33 people who have worked in the same position for two years have 33.

3% of people experienced burnout and 2 had it.

6% of people suffer from burnout.

White-collar workers who have job burnout will experience insomnia, anxiety, irritability and other physical diseases, psychological discomfort and behavioral obstacles. If not handled in time, it will cause unpredictable harm to you in the workplace.

  Psychologist Dodela believes that if an environment brings you bad symptoms and obstacles, then you will encounter many psychological conflicts in this environment.

To resolve these symptoms and obstacles, you need to recognize the conflicts that exist in you.

  The psychological conflicts of ordinary white-collar women are mainly manifested in the following aspects: 1.

Maslow, a conflict psychologist eager for achievement and fear of change, believes that when all basic needs are met, achieving self-worth becomes the ultimate goal of a person.

Career advisers say that routine work without a plan is most likely to lead to work burnout among office workers.

Survive in change. Any monotonous thing can only bring disgust to people. This is the truth that many people understand.

But many white-collar workers have even disliked the current situation and are still afraid to change themselves.

The working and living habits developed over the years have been characterized, the stylized thinking and working methods have been fixed, the hard work and exhaustion of work, and the lack of innovative stimulation have made their brains more and more lazy.Think of the factors that are already endangering their physical health.

Therefore, there must be a lack of sense of accomplishment that requires change, and at the same time, fear of change. At the same time, conflicts naturally add a lot of danger to the already heavy workload.


The conflict between being an excellent employee and being a qualified mother into a mature white-collar worker usually plays different social roles: company employees, loving parents, and filial piety.

Especially for women, household chores replace a large part of life, and it is easier to block the worry state.

The combination of many roles will inevitably cause people a lot of pressure. They want to achieve work and take care of the happiness of the family. Many people in the workplace are surrounded by deep distress because of their involuntaryness.


In a sense, the conflict that requires care and self-esteem has alienated people due to social progress and rapid development.

In order to make better use of human resources, the company uses advanced management measures and advanced technical equipment to keep people busy and reduce the time and space for mutual communication.

Man is a sentimental animal, and his need for communication will always exist, especially when work is stressful, and emotional comfort is more important.

However, modern society also provides people with a soil of emotional indifference, especially for certain white-collar workers. It is even more reluctant to let go of their self-esteem and unwilling to actively communicate with others.

Although they are eager for others’ concern and want to share their thoughts with others, they are still cowering in the safety zone of their self-esteem.


Sexual harassment in the office of keeping conflict between work and harassment has been increasingly concerned. Women are often the victims, especially young white-collar women, who are at a loss for this issue.

Many women are often embarrassed by this problem. They find a job they like but have a nasty environment. Whether to stay or not, they often surround them with two difficult situations.

  Knowing the crux of the problem, it will be targeted when it is resolved-1.Breaking the boundaries of your heart and being your own master In the company, many people interrupt the work too much, and don’t have time to think what they should think and do what they should do.

In fact, this is the inertia that forms the inner limit and limits you to a certain range of activities.

Many things that you think can’t be changed are actually just the limits of your own heart that close it, bravely imagine, break through, change, so that you can travel in the workplace smartly.


Shifting emotions and dissatisfying a good attitude is the secret of a happy life. Psychologists caution: deal with the mood first, then don’t deal with anger to work and live.

No matter how smart you are, you will fail because of bad mood. Being a person with high emotional intelligence is not difficult, as long as you pay attention to that little bit every day.

Before returning home, tell yourself to smile; let go of all the burdens on the weekends, and stroll around the park with your family; stretch out when you are angry, stand up and walk around; often change different clothes to wear . interested people will always be happy and angryPunish yourself for the mistakes of others.


Harmony is the most unhappy life in the company, and the people who do the worst job are often those with bad relationships.

The new employee’s education is proud, but I have the esteem; the old employee’s qualifications are not good, and the heart is not convinced . Those who have nowhere in their career always want to compete with others, but this will only hurt the relationship between colleagues.

The ancients took a step back from the sea and the sky, so why not be smart and do a good job of colleague relations?

Creating a good interpersonal environment for yourself is the wealth accumulated for yourself.

Well-known psychological counseling expert Tang Wen warned everyone to master the following “five nos” principle: rely on the old and not sell the old; flexibility is not stubborn; humor does not hurt others; care is not indifferent;

So put down the shelf so that you have the foundation for success.


Strengthen the awareness of self-protection In the office, many white-collar women often lack the consciousness of protecting themselves, facing many interests of their male colleagues or superiors. In fact, as long as you have a keen sense, you will be able to see through the bad consequences.

In the workplace, professional women must be decent and appropriate in both dress and behavior, and do not convey wrong information to others; do not accept invitations to do something because of embarrassment; and have a firm attitude of rejection in the face of existing harassment.
Women are an independent group, not men’s pets. You and men are equal in the workplace.

  I believe that if you are smart, you will debug your mental state, find fresh water in the workplace, and make a free and cheerful fish.