[How to expel intestinal gas quickly]_What to do_How to treat

[How to expel intestinal gas quickly]_What to do_How to treat

Although intestinal gas is not a serious illness, it is very uncomfortable to hold.

In fact, the occurrence of intestinal gas accumulation is not accidental. It often has health problems with insulin, biliary tract or human liver and plasma tract.

After the intestinal gas first occurs, we must find a way to expel it immediately.

So how do you expel it quickly after having intestinal gas?

How do people who often have intestinal gas accumulation eat and keep healthy?

Abdominal bloating caused by gastrointestinal gas is often caused by insulin tract, liver, biliary tract or diabetic diseases. Transformation, cardiovascular and other system diseases or certain systemic diseases can often cause bloating.Causes of bloating.

In order to reduce the patient’s abdominal distension before thorough diagnosis, the following symptomatic treatment measures can be used.


Adjust your diet and eat less gas-producing foods, such as high-sugar foods, beans or milk.


Gastrointestinal prokinetic agents, such as domperidone, mosapride, or tegaserod, can be used. The latter two are all full gastrointestinal prokinetic drugs, so the effect is better.

In addition, gastrointestinal motility regulator trimebutine maleate (trade name: Nuowei, Shu Li Qineng) is also used.


Appropriate laxatives may be used as appropriate to facilitate the accumulation of internally discharged gases with the feces.


Anal canal venting can be used to accelerate the discharge of gas.


For high abdominal distension caused by severe intestinal paralysis (such as abdominal distension caused by acute severe diabetic inflammation), 1000?
2000g skin nitrate (traditional Chinese medicine) is put into the bag and placed on the patient’s abdomen. The use of skin nitrate can stimulate the intestinal peristalsis and increase the speed of the intestine, which is conducive to the excretion of intestinal gas and relieves abdominal distension.


If it is preliminarily determined that the bloating is caused by liver or pancreatic cancer, liver protection, choleretic drugs, or pancreatic trace enzymes or trace enzyme preparations (trade names: a large number of Bishen, pancreatin capsules, and Detongtong capsules) can be used for treatment.Facilitates digestion and absorption of food to reduce gas production.


If the bloating is caused by excessive reproduction of small intestinal bacteria, oral antibiotics such as tinidazole can be used.

If it is confirmed that the patient has bloating failure and H. pylori infection, proton pump inhibitors, clarithromycin and amoxicillin (amoxicillin) can be used to kill H. pylori.

(1) Foods containing gas such as egg milk, foaming cream, foaming glycoprotein, soda, and other carbonated drinks.

(2) Gas-prone foods Gas-prone foods include onions, cabbages, beans, sweet potatoes, honey, chives, green onions, raw garlic, raw scallion, celery, etc.

Sweet potatoes contain gasification enzymes and plant fibers, so gas is produced in the intestine. Plant fibers are not easily digested and are easily digested by bacteria into carbon dioxide and gases.

Soy food inflated gas is supplemented with soy puffing threose and raffinose. These sugars cannot be digested, so they can be easily produced by microbial fermentation.

How to prevent bloating 1, eat less high-fiber foods.

Such as potatoes, pasta, beans and cabbage, cauliflower, onion, etc., are easy to produce gas in the stomach and stomach, and eventually cause bloating.

2. Don’t eat non-digestible food.

Hard foods such as fried beans and hard pancakes are not easy to digest, and they can stay in the asynchronous time, which may cause gas to cause bloating.

3. Change gobbling habits.

Eating too fast, or eating while walking, is easy to swallow too much air; drinking beverages with a straw will often allow a large amount of air to sneak into the stomach and cause abdominal distension.

4. Overcome bad moods.

Anxiety, anxiety, sadness, depression, depression, depression, and other bad emotions may weaken digestive function or stimulate the stomach to produce too much acid. As a result, excess gas and increased bloating.

5. Proper exercise.

Adhere to the right amount of exercise for about an hour a day, constantly overcome adverse emotions, and also help maintain the normal function of the digestive system.

6, pay attention to certain diseases.For some disorders, bloating or aura, or one of the symptoms, they include: allergic enteritis, ulcerative colitis, bladder tumor, etc.