Always blow dry after washing your hair


Always blow dry after washing your hair

With the acceleration of the pace of life of modern people, many people put their hair washing time in the morning or even before going to bed, but health experts said that it is not appropriate to wash hair in these two time periods.Hair, be sure to blow dry after washing the hair.

  Some people are accustomed to washing at night and then going to bed without drying their hair. At that time, after a busy day, people often become very tired and their disease resistance is reduced. In the evening, they do n’t wash their hair, and most of the water stays.In the scalp, this can lead to qi stagnation and blood stasis for a long time, separation of meridians, and stasis.

The initial manifestation of the disease, the scalp will feel stagnation and numbness, especially the top part of the head, it is easy to cause bias or cold.

  In addition, the high moisture content of quilt pillows, coupled with the transformation of moisture from the human body due to the dryness of the hair, makes bacteria more likely to grow and replace human infection.

Shampoos were meant to be healthy, but they would cause illness.

Therefore, dry your hair after washing your hair and then dry it with a hair dryer.

  Washing your hair before going out in the morning is also not good, especially in winter.

Because the hair is not dry and the pores on the head are open, it is susceptible to wind and cold, and it is more likely to suffer from headaches and colds.

In the long run, it will cause joint pain or muscle paralysis in the body.

Therefore, be sure to blow dry immediately after washing your hair.

  The above will introduce you to the reasons why you ca n’t wash your hair before going out in the morning and before going to bed.