[How to make up for deficiency of qi and blood during pregnancy]_Pregnancy_How to make up

[How to make up for deficiency of qi and blood during pregnancy]_Pregnancy_How to make up

Pregnancy is a good thing for women and their families, which means that this family is about to have a new life, and women during pregnancy, because of their irregular diet or poor sleep habitsWait, there may be a phenomenon of deficiency of qi and blood.

At least it’s possible: insomnia, dreaminess, dizziness, and tiredness. So how to make up for blood deficiency during pregnancy?

First, nourishing methods: 1. Eat more blood-supply foods Many pregnant women friends have symptoms of insufficient blood and blood in the early stages of pregnancy, mainly due to anemia. It is recommended to eat more blood-supplemented foods in the daily diet, such as pork liver and lean meat, Eggs, spinach, cherries, black sesame, black fungus, etc. When there is too much blood in the body, you can also use qi in series because they are complementary.

2. Eat more qi-enriching foods In the early stages of pregnancy, symptoms of insufficient blood and blood are recommended. It is recommended to eat more qi-enriching foods. Common qi-enriching foods include chicken, yam, glutinous rice, leek, jujube, peanuts, potatoes, mushrooms, etc.

These qi-enriching foods can be eaten with blood-enriching foods for better results.

3, improve sleep will encounter sleep problems during pregnancy.

If you also have this kind of harm, you may wish to try some foods for insomnia, improve your sleep quality by adjusting your diet.

For example, you can drink a glass of hot milk with sugar before eating, and eat apple, banana, orange, orange, pear and other fruits with a fragrant smell.

4, proper exercise pregnant women to the outdoors is good for the fetus.

Walking is a very comfortable pregnant mommy exercise.

Numerous nerve endings on human feet are closely connected to the brain, and have vein bodies connected to many organs in the body.

At the same time, the foot is also the starting point of the Foot Sanyin Meridian and the end of the Foot Sanyang Meridian.

In addition, there are more than 60 acupuncture points below the formaldehyde joint. Frequent walking will stimulate these points, strengthen blood vessels, regulate organs, and clear the meridians, thereby improving the function of organs and tissues throughout the body.

Second, diet therapy tonic: Most people know that Ejiao is one of the special tonics for blood.

In fact, Ejiao can’t actually supplement blood directly, or make the blood come together temporarily through the astringent effect of donkey skin, accumulate together and then play the biggest role.

Let the state of qi deficiency in the human body gradually adjust to the best time.

Ejiao is a sticky substance, and it is difficult for the human body to operate by itself.

Ejiao is best eaten only after it is steamed or after it has been steamed.

It is important to note that excessive use of E-Jiao is also harmful to the body; nutrition is appropriate to use E-Jiao.

In food, red dates, longan, cherries, black dates, and sugar cane are all good products for nourishing blood and nourishing qi, and glutinous rice is the most able to replenish qi and blood. You can often eat some.

Tonic should be used to nourish blood, nourish blood, and produce blood. The blood-supplying drugs are optionally used, such as Ejiao, Shudi, Mulberry, etc.

It is important to note the difference in the effects of food.

Food for blood deficiency: black bone chicken, black sesame, walnut meat, longan meat, chicken, pig blood, pork liver, brown sugar, red beans, etc., can often be replaced.

Blood tonic deficiency medicine therapy is Angelica sinensis: Angelica sinensis, 15g each of Astragalus membranaceus is added to a gauze bag to cook with a black skeleton chicken, eat chicken and drink soup, can be tonic deficiency.

Although dietary supplementation is the best method, pregnant women should pay more attention to rest during pregnancy.

Do not overwork in your life and cause weakness in your qi and blood to cause some harm to the fetus.

You can ask a professional doctor for advice and buy some vitamin tablets to supplement your nutrition.

There is no need to stay in bed for a long time.

Take appropriate walks or go to outdoor parks and other activities.

Do not stay in the computer for a long time or in a place with chemical or physical substances.