Classic misunderstanding between man and woman

Classic misunderstanding between man and woman

After work, I returned home easily, I wanted to relax completely, but an accidental word made the other party unhappy, and even the two tilted and moved, saying that men came from Mars, women came from Venus, menIs there really an insurmountable gap between women and women?

  We might as well look at the classic misunderstandings between men and women at this moment of the fifth second when we go home, and find out what kind of differences you have in thinking-Scenario 1: Women’s complaints, men’s upset women:I never want to take a bus again!


Stepped on by others!

  Analyze her: How can a beautiful girl like me and a girl dressed like this be squeezed by bread-like!

Women want to play the image of a weak person to win the sympathy of others, see, how pitiful I am!

  Man: Isn’t it that you’re crowding by yourself, don’t everyone take the car every day?

  Analyze him: Aren’t you driving every day?

Men always don’t understand the sudden changes in women’s emotions and feel unreasonable.

As everyone knows, women’s thinking is always jumping. Yesterday was good. Today, you can find one hundred bad reasons for it.

  Woman: Others are others, I am me!

I just can’t stand it!

  Analyze her: Remember that any woman thinks she is different from others.

They all feel that they are unique. This is a woman’s general psychology. What she really needs is a simple greeting.

  Man: Then you take a taxi. I’ll reimburse you.

  Analyze him: Now that you remember, it is best to stop your mouth.

Men like to make things simple, especially when it comes to emotional matters, and they are more reluctant to spend too much time and productivity to entangle.

Men feel that this is also the fundamental solution to the problem.

  Woman: Forget it, how much can you earn a month, who do you think you are!

  Analyze her: In fact, what the woman wants to say is that I just complained on the lips, which made you feel bad. You thought that it would really make you spend money on taxis every day. You might as well save some money to buy a car.

In fact, women are always more practical than men.

  Man: Do you feel wronged with me, you ca n’t even sit in a car.

  Analyze him: I have already said this, you are not satisfied, and you still want to hit me. I do n’t have much money, but I also have self-esteem. You are doing this to my dignity.

What men are most afraid of is that women say that they can’t, they can’t compare with others, and that kind of harm is fatal.

  Woman: Yes, I just feel aggrieved. Look at the car every day. I wear a pose every day. What about me?

Even thinking about taxiing.

  Analyze her: Actually, what the woman wants to say is that I am in love with you and accepted everything you have now, but just hope that you can treat me better.

Since a woman is practical, she knows what she chose and what she gave up, but she couldn’t let go of her comparison, so she could not help repeating it.

Forgive a woman’s poor vanity. If you can’t satisfy her, then be gentle with her.

  Man: Then you go to someone else, I can’t give you these, you go to someone who can give you these.

  Analyze him: A simple-minded man thinks that you must have changed your heart and been influenced by the outside world. He feels that he can’t give you so much what you want. What’s the point of such a force?

Men like to be clean.

  Scenario 2: Man returns late, woman questioning woman: How come back so late today?

  Parse her: What did you do?

Is there something wrong, can you talk to me?

Women want communication.

  Man (dismissively): It’s okay.

  Analyze him: Why is this mother-in-law like a housekeeper.Men like freedom without being restrained, the more restrained they are, the more they resist.

  Woman: It’s too late for nothing, there’s nothing to say.

  Analyze her: I’m not afraid of the shadow oblique, I know you have something to do, otherwise what to avoid, is there any other woman, why are you unwilling to ignore me?

  Man: Don’t think wildly, without evidence, don’t talk nonsense!

  Analyze him: You don’t trust me too much, so I use legal terms to deal with you.

  Woman: OK, I still need evidence, and there is a ghost in my heart, no wonder I didn’t tell me.

  Analyze her: Women always set things up according to their own ideas, especially in terms of emotions. Women are simply “reasoners”, and sometimes even have to prove their reasoning into reality.

  Man: I have to report to you why I go. I went to the road and forgot to take a very important document and fold it back. Are you satisfied?

  Analyze him: A man is an animal that can lie the most, but this trick is generally not used to his dear people, unless you are driving him to the absolute end.

  Woman: Huh, good reason, since it’s so simple, why not say it at first.

  Analyze her: From now on, everything may just be a lie. Even if a woman really believes, she will continue to repeat because of your wrongdoing.

  Man: There wasn’t much to say, if you have to think elsewhere, just leave it to you.

  Analyze him: Men love to be angry, sometimes their tempers come up, they will intentionally say some fatal things that hurt women.

Freely stimulating her in accordance with her words will make her more convinced that her suspicion is correct, so that unnecessary charges can be established.

  Woman: You . you started lying, you changed your heart.

  Analyze her: She was so angry that she burst into tears. In this way, it was a trivial matter, because of communication obstacles, escalated into a serious affair.

  Scenario 3: Man’s oblivion, woman’s lost man goes home, woman comes over: what did you forget today when you went home?

  Analysis of her: Asking questions around is always a woman’s hobby, a bit of entertainment and flirting.

  Man (looking around): I haven’t forgotten anything.

  Analyze him: Find it again.

  The woman reminded: something important, think again.

  Analyze her: It is a woman’s nature to love mystery, so that she can show her essence.

  The man frowned, blurted out: what day is it today?

I forgot to buy anything for your old man again?

  Analyze him: Did n’t you just bought something for you last time?

What do you want again?

Want to find a reason to ask me?

Men always mistakenly think that material is the first need of a woman, because a woman sees the material things and her eyes are flooded.

But forget that women are more emotional animals.

  The woman shouted inexorably: The first thing that came back three years ago was to call my name and kiss me!

And now, let alone kisses, are you too lazy to name them?

  Analysis of her: Do you want to abandon me because I have become a yellow-faced woman?

Women are always afraid of old age. The passing of youth is the cruelest to her. She needs your affirmation at this time.

  Man: You used to take my bag very gently. You were very excited to see me, but now you do n’t even want to say “you are back”.

  Analyze him: I do n’t know the honor. The romance in a woman ‘s bones has nothing to do with her age. Women of any age need romance. Even in the life of Chaimi Youyan, do n’t forget to surprise her occasionally.

  Scenario 4: Hell of a Woman, Heaven of a Man Man: Why haven’t you cooked yet?

  Analyze him: I originally thought that when I got home, there would be steaming meals waiting, but I didn’t expect it to be a cold pot and a cold stove. You must know that I came back after pushing out three parties.

Just to eat with you.

  Woman (Unhappy): I am your nanny?

  Analyze her: The babysitter still has a salary for a month. Why do you have to reason that I have to cook every day?Actually I’m just too tired today and want to eat out.

  Man: You are a woman, women should do this.

  Analyze him: It is undeniable that in modern society there are still many men who have such a view that this is a problem of the division of men and women.

The patriarchal ideology is serious.

  Woman: Why, I have to go to work every day, and I’m exhausted every day. Why can’t anyone cook for me?

  Analyze her: No one can stop the woman’s bad temper coming up.

In fact, many urban women also accept trivial tasks such as a woman doing laundry, cooking, and housework, but she hopes you can find these not because she owes you, but because she loves you.

Because this is the life of two people, a common thing.

  Man: But I got rid of three parties to go home, and you just treated me like that.

  Analyze him: The gatherings in a man’s heart are important because he wants to maintain social relationships.

He wants to tell you that I gave up these to accompany you, I hope you can understand and understand.

But it sounded like a threat to a woman, and it made her feel that she wasn’t worth it.

  Woman: You are a gift to me, I don’t need it.

I’ve had enough of this!

  Analyze her: Women are always easy to raise the problem to a certain level, especially to the level of love and non-love. She always pays attention to her position in your heart from beginning to end. If you can always realize that you are the most important, Then the woman will feel satisfied.