Five-scented fragrance tea that makes your skin soft!


Five-scented fragrance tea that makes your skin soft!

Scented tea has been a favorite of beautiful women since ancient times.

Sitting on the balcony in the warm afternoon, cooking a cup of aromatic tea, holding a magazine in hand, and enjoying the warm winter sun, it is really pleasant.

In fact, the food flower drink Lugu already exists.

Monographs on Chinese medicine, such as Compendium of Materia Medica and Shennong Baicao Jing, have detailed explanations of the effects of various flowers.

  The beauty of scented tea is pleasing to the eye and delights the tongue.

When encountering herbal tea, just use the five senses to quietly feel its color, aroma, and taste, and let the whole body be intoxicated by the flavor and fragrance from the herbal tea. While savouring the cultural atmosphere behind the herbal tea,Leaves skin soft and supple.

  Lavender soothes anxiety and tension: The strong aroma of this tea is pleasant, without impurities, and has sedation, relaxation and blockage of the digestive tract.Numerous complications such as sexual migraine and cold prevention can be recovered when husky is lost.

  Lavender is called “grass”, so it is a lavish purple-blue flower.

It is also known as the “quiet perfume plant”, and it is the most loved plant in the flower garden.

Lavender volatile oil, coumarin, tannin, flavonoids, etc. are available for the whole plant, especially the flower buds. During flowering, the stems and leaves are used to cut the ears of flowers, which can be used for baking, medicinal, cosmetic and other aspects.Extremely versatile.

Among them, the most common is to blend lavender into tea.

  Lavender tea is brewed with dried flower buds. Take a tablespoon into a pot and pour in boiling water. It only takes 5 minutes to take. It is sweet and delicious without honey and sugar.

In terms of food, in addition to brewing lavender into tea, Europeans have long known that lavender has a stomach-inspiring function. Therefore, lavender is often added as a flavor when cooking, or mixed with vinegar, wine, and jelly.The resulting sauce is particularly flavorful, and Queen Elizabeth I is said to be a loyal enthusiast.

  Jasmine drink heart is refreshing and refreshing: picking up a few jasmine flowers and soaking it in tea, drink heart refreshing and refreshing, it can calm the mood and relieve depression.

  A song “What a jasmine flower, what a jasmine flower, the garden is full of flowers, but the fragrance is not fragrant .”

Jasmine is white as jade and has a strong aroma. It often turns pink to purple-red before flowering.

It blooms three times a year, the first flowering in Xiaoman to the summer solstice, the second flowering in Xiaoshu everywhere, and the third flowering in Bailu to autumnal equinox.

Among them, the flowers bloomed the second time are the most and the most fragrant.

Among the jasmine flowers, the single-petal flower is shaped like a cross-shaped flower of lilac and has a strong fragrance; the double-petal flower is like a small lotus flower with a light fragrance.

  The ancient “gum” effect of lilac flower: The lilac tea brewed with lilac buds has a slightly sweet and spicy flavor. Frequent drinking has the effect of alleviating obesity and increasing digestion.

  Lilac is named after “flowers are small diced, fragrant and soft” (1591, “Grass Flower Spectrum”).

When the lilac blossoms, the trees are full of flowers, and the petals are clustered.

Occasionally a breeze strikes, the flowers are overflowing and refreshing.

  In addition to observation, cloves can also be used for medicinal purposes.

Chinese people knew in ancient times that it can be used to eliminate bad breath. Some people call clove an ancient “gum”.

Brewing clove tea alone is not as good as Chinese medicine soup. Generally, cloves are mixed with other flowers and herbs.

Clove tea has anti-oxidant, promote digestion, analgesic and other effects, and helps to strengthen the stomach.

  Honeysuckle detoxification and anti-fatigue effect: The active ingredients of honeysuckle are chlorogenic acid and isochlorogenic acid, which can detoxify heat and detoxify, and enhance immunity and anti-fatigue effect.

  Honeysuckle is white when it is first opened, and gradually turns yellow afterwards, hence its name.

Its beautiful color, pleasant fragrance, is a sweet and cool medicine, the main function is to clear heat and detoxify.

According to the “Plant Names and Examinations”, “Wu Zhongshu Yue uses flowers to drink tea, and tea shops sell gold and silver as expensive.”

“There are two types of honeysuckle tea in the market, one is fresh honeysuckle and a small amount of green tea split and made according to the flower tea process storage; the other is made by drying or drying dried honeysuckle and green tea.

Modern people drink honeysuckle tea, and it has become a trend. It has become an essential standing tea in people’s daily life, and it is the first choice for clearing heat and relieving heat.

  Rose flower Huoxue Sanyu analgesic effect: Chinese medicine believes that roses taste slightly bitter and warm, and the most obvious effect is to rectify qi and stagnation, Huoxue Sanyu and regulate menstrual pain.

In addition, rose anthers are mild in nature, which can nourish the heart and liver blood veins, soothe stagnation in the body, and thus have sedative, soothing and antidepressant effects.

  The rose tea made from rose petals or buds gives off a charming aroma, which can lift the human body and give people a refreshing feeling.

In addition, it has the effect of balancing hormones, which helps women’s beauty and health.   For women, drinking more rose tea can also make their complexion look rosy like petals.

This is because roses also have a strong effect of qi and blood circulation, stasis, and viscera.

What we usually say is that the face is not good or has long spots, menstrual disorders, dysmenorrhea and other symptoms are related to dysfunction of qi and blood and stasis in the uterus or face.

Once qi and blood are running normally, they will naturally look rosy and healthy.

Need to be reminded that it is best not to drink roses with tea.

Because there is a lot of residual acid in tea, it will affect the efficacy of roses to relieve liver and stagnation.

In addition, due to the strong role of roses in promoting blood circulation and stasis, people with excessive menstrual flow are better not to place them during menstruation.