[Effects and effects of black bean paste]_think_benefit

[Effects and effects of black bean paste]_think_benefit

Now there is a product called black tofu on the market.

It is mainly made with black beans and some other ingredients.

Because everyone knows that black beans cannot be consumed for a long time or often, which causes bad effects on our bodies, this product of black bean paste was developed for the characteristics of black beans.

So, what are the benefits and functions of edible black tofu?

Black tofu is based on the theory of “medicine and food homology” in traditional Chinese medicine. Black beans and wild vegetables are the main raw materials, and a small amount of natural plants such as honeysuckle, chrysanthemum, hawthorn, seaweed, green vegetables, and celery leaves are washed, steamed, dried, and crushed., An original natural food made by ultraviolet sterilization.

Among them, black bean paste contains lecithin, carbohydrates and polysaccharides, which have a strong kidney effect. More food can enhance physical fitness and improve immunity; wild vegetables are known as “longevity vegetables”, which have the functions of clearing heat and removing fire and detoxification, and quickly eliminate toxins in the body; honeysuckle, chrysanthemum, Green vegetables to eliminate the plague, clear the liver fire, eyesight, Qushu, is a good tea; hawthorn Qi, blood, conditioning the spleen and stomach, softening blood vessels, calculus; seaweed, celery leaf phosphatidic acid, crude protein, rightLower blood pressure, lower blood lipids, lower blood sugar and urine sugar have a good effect.

Long-term constipation can cause acid-base imbalances in the body, which can easily induce intestinal changes and cerebral hemorrhage, and disorders of glucose metabolism.

Horrible hangovers can cause: rough skin, dull complexion, acne, acne, insomnia, restlessness, bloating, anorexia, obesity.

Constipation is the source of all diseases.

The ingredients contained in black bean paste have the function of thoroughly removing stools, contain no hormones, and have no toxic or side effects. They are natural green foods.

In the early stage of taking, there will be bowel sounds and exhausting. Take 1-2 days to interrupt the peristalsis and speed up, then discharge the stool, and then take it. The defecation gradually returns to normal.

Take 3 capsules once daily with warm water. The effect of adding honey is better, and the effect is obvious on an empty stomach in the morning.

(Do not eat for pregnant women), 18 months shelf life.

Black Bean Paste Capsules are replaced by eight pure natural green plants in the National Catalogue of Medicinal Foods, namely black beans, wild vegetables (purslane), celery, honeysuckle, chrysanthemum, hawthorn, seaweed and green tea, without any otherIngredients or additives.

Completing a medicated diet based on the principle of “same source of medicine and food” in Chinese medicine.

The soft stool is discharged within 24 hours after taking it, and the stool becomes more and more normal. This is the biggest difference between it and laxatives. “Black tofu” can start from strengthening the kidney and strengthen the body. It first regulates endocrine mutations, digestive and metabolic disorders, glucose metabolism disorders andThe body’s acid-base balance is imbalanced. Finally, the seventh largest nutrient in the human body-supplemental fiber, absorbs fat and water to promote swelling and softening of the stool, and smooth discharge.

As little as possible multivitamins, mineral elements and heat, Quhuo, sterilization and detoxification ingredients, very suitable for constipation, refractory constipation, obesity, dull complexion, high blood pressure, high blood lipids, diabetes, low immunity, etc. for long or short-term consumption.