I enjoy the four joys in housework

I enjoy the “four joys” in housework

After retirement, I felt that housework could not depend on my wife as much as before, and I still lived a day of “clothing to stretch out my hands and food to open my mouth”. I had to take the initiative to help my wife do some housework.
In addition, I think that doing housework is also a good way to keep in good health.
  When I first did housework, I felt awkward.
Cleaning the table, mopping the floor, dumping garbage, carrying water, and washing chopsticks and washing dishes three times a day are really “flies lying in the eyes of an old cow-eating a lot of tiredness (tears)”, which is not only difficult to produce results, but also tedious,If you don’t make it, you can make mistakes.
One time when I was washing the dishes, I accidentally broke the bowl, and my wife immediately changed her face and accused me, “If you don’t want to do it, don’t do it!
“It makes me miserable.
I wanted to say, “I didn’t do it on purpose. If I didn’t reduce the burden for you, I wouldn’t do anything, and no one would criticize me!
“Thinking of it, I feel a little regretful that I took the initiative to do housework.
But then, after thinking about it, I was criticized because I didn’t do my best, and my wife couldn’t stand it.
So, from then on, I took every housework seriously, and slowly made achievements. I was praised by my wife, and I also enjoyed the pleasure of health.
Specifically, there are “Four Music”: Yiyi, the kitchen and reading and writing are combined into one music.
I cook and cook in the kitchen. Although it doesn’t take much time, but I have free time, I use it to read or write articles.
For example, it takes more than half an hour to cook porridge with a pressure cooker. During this time, as long as the article is conceived, I can write hundreds of words: just cooking, I can also read some short articles published in the newspaper while cooking.Message.
  Second, watching TV while tidying up the room is also fun.
I can also watch TV while doing housework such as mopping the floor and cleaning the tables and chairs.
When I see something useful, I can also stop and take a record and use it as information for future reference.
It’s better for me to do this than sit there smoking cigarettes and watching TV.
  Third, it is a pleasure to go out and turn on the water.
I go to the house three times a day to turn on the water. There is a fixed period of time to fetch water.
I have developed the habit of drinking tea for many years. In the past, water was not made by myself, so I couldn’t pay attention to it.
Now standing in front of the boiling water stove, how much water has been burned, I have counted in my heart, and then make a cup of tea, so that the brewed tea tastes.
So, isn’t it a pleasure to keep in good health.
  4. Have fun chatting with reception guests.
Receiving guests at home is troublesome. I have to set up a banquet and make tea and smoke, but there is also fun. I can chat with guests and hear new things in all aspects.
Exchange views on the world.
This is the fun of delivering to your door, and it can open up your horizons.
Conducive to health, it is a pity to give up.
  Housework is a wave of life. When I retire to do more housework at home, I can enjoy more life and make my wife happy.
So why am I not doing it?