Four healthy ways to eat cucumbers in summer

Four healthy ways to eat cucumbers in summer

If you are tired of stir-fried cucumbers and mixed cucumbers, try these fresh ways of eating!

  Cucumber juice can be used to prevent oral diseases in summer1.

Cucumber Juice: Prevents oral ulcers. Cucumber juice has good taste and nutrition. It can prevent oral diseases in summer.

  If you are tired of fried cucumbers and mixed cucumbers, and occasionally drink a glass of cucumber juice, don’t drink a glass of flavor, which can prevent oral diseases that are more common in summer.

  Production method: Simply pickle fresh cucumbers with sugar, or directly add cold boiling water to the juice extractor and put them directly.

  How to drink: Cucumber juice can drink a glass in the morning, which can play a refreshing stomach effect.

Because cucumber contains a lot of vitamins, it can alleviate a certain fever and can effectively cure oral ulcers.

  When pouring cucumber juice, if you find the taste of the replaced cucumber juice a bit bitter, you can add a little honey to taste.

  Efficacy: Studies by American nutrition experts also found that drinking a cup of cucumber juice every day can prevent hair loss and nail splitting, and even enhance people’s memory.

  Basically, cucumber has the effects of diuresis, strengthening the heart and blood vessels, regulating blood pressure, preventing excessive myocardial tension and atherosclerosis.

It was also found in experiments that eating whole cucumbers was not as effective as drinking cucumber juice.


Cucumber-filled dumplings: appetizers and antihypertensive promote digestion. The summer is hot, and many elderly people have no appetite.

Nutritionists recommend that elderly people eat stuffed foods such as dumplings and buns for lunch or dinner, which are both nutritious and helpful for digestion.

If you haven’t eaten cucumber stuffed dumplings before, you might as well try it, not only cool and refreshing, but also prevent heatstroke, lower blood pressure and prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

  Production method: When making stuffing, rub the cucumber into filaments and cut it slightly, squeeze out the water, do not throw out the squeezed water, and leave it in the pot for future use.

Add two eggs with an appropriate amount of salt and stir-fry in a frying pan. Fry while mashing. The more broken, the better. Let cool after frying.

Those who love rich fillings can also put a little tofu.

  Then add the cool eggs, tofu and shredded cucumber to spiced powder, chicken essence, green onion and ginger, etc., stir together and set aside.

Put the cucumber water in when noodles are mixed. Not only will the noodles be more glutinous, but the taste will also be better.

  Additional Harvest-Cucumber Peel Tea Cucumber is used as stuffing, and the peeled skin can be used to heat and remove the cucumber peel tea.

  First place the cucumber peel in the sun and dry it.

Add 10 grams of cucumber peel decoction in 200 ml of water. After the water is boiled, change to low heat and fry the water to half.

Such a natural tea drink can be a few cups a day, which can effectively alleviate heat stroke and other common heat stroke reactions in summer.


Cucumbers: sweet and sour, refreshing and delicious. Cucumbers are refreshing and delicious. The melons are tightly connected when they are picked.

For those who have the habit of drinking porridge for breakfast, you can use pickled cucumber instead of pickles.

At this time or at dinner, it can even allow a refreshing cold meal.

  Production method: To make cucumbers, it is better to replace larger cucumbers, and cut at an angle of 45 degrees in the same direction from one end. The smaller the distance between each knife, the softer the cucumber will be.

  If the cucumber is brittle and the knife is not fast, the cucumber is easily cut.

Therefore, when cutting, it is best to put two chopsticks under the cucumber, and usually a western knife is better to grasp the strength, and it will be cut out more evenly. If there is no western knife, the kitchen knife is better to be sharper.

Cut one side of the cucumber with a straight knife first, because chopsticks are underneath, so cut it with confidence without worrying about cutting.

After cutting one side, turn it over 180 degrees, and then cut the inclined knife.

  First shred Chaotian pepper and soak it in cold water; white sesame slowly roasted yellow in a dry wok over low heat, and fully aired;, After slightly discoloring, put it out immediately and put in sesame oil; then, add vinegar, caster sugar, salt and sesame oil to the succulent cucumber, stir well and put it in the refrigerator for 1 hour;Tear into small pieces and sprinkle with white sesame seeds.

This method of simmering cucumber is not only chewy on the taste, but also very good in taste.

  The elderly and children should not eat more in the summer, because the coldness of the cucumber and the hot peppers cause a certain amount of irritation in the stomach. Therefore, it is best to eat the cucumber with the staple food.


Cucumbers: The effect of relieving summer heat is so good that in summer, some people often feel that the heat is unbearable and can’t help feeling irritable.Cucumber calcium, phosphorus, iron, carotene, vitamin C and many other nutrients, so cucumber has become the best vegetable in summer.

  Production method: It is best to shoot the cucumber with a knife, wait for the surface to crack, and then chop it, so that the cucumber juice and crumbs will not splash.

After chopping the cucumber, you can use a small amount of raw soy sauce, an appropriate amount of old vinegar, chicken essence, sesame oil and minced garlic to make a sauce.

If you want to eat fresh and refreshing cucumbers, pour the juice while serving.

If you want to eat a bit more flavor, you can mix it in advance and let it stand for a few minutes before eating. Although this taste is good, the cucumber will lose some water.

  Many people like to mix some pork head meat, elbow flower and other meat in the cucumber. This method is not very scientific.

Cucumber is easily affected by other foods in both taste and nutrition. Adding some meat, the light taste of cucumber will be masked by the taste of the meat.Both are relatively high, and it is difficult to cool off and relieve heat.

  Therefore, when eating cucumbers, it is best not to put any side dishes in order to truly reflect the characteristics and value of cucumbers.

Because it is a kind of lettuce, and the inherent coldness of cucumber, the elderly and children, as well as some patients with cold stomach, still have to eat with caution.