Note: Some mistakes are easy to make in football

Note: Some mistakes are easy to make in football

What problems should athletes pay attention to in playing football and grabbing the ball?

  ★ The body’s center of gravity cannot be moved in time to the ball grab foot and the twisted joints of the ball grab foot are not tight enough, the ball grab is weak and futile.

  ★ The support foot does not keep up quickly, which affects the next movement.

  ★ The timing of grabbing the ball is not well grasped, and the shot failed earlier or later.

  ★ The ball is raised too high, causing a foul.

  ★ Push your opponent with your hand or elbow during a collision to cause a foul.

  ★ It’s not effective when the opponent does not collide when their feet are close to the ground.

  ★ It is not easy to hurt the opponent and foul because it is not a side-back or side tackle.

  ★ Discontinuous movements, easy to hurt yourself and influence quickly connect the next movement.